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The mobile app for kitesurfers by kitesurfers.

KiteSpy is a mobile app providing real time social feed of kiteboarding conditions at kitesurfing spots.

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KiteSpy app page showing Tarifa kitesurfing spots

01. About KiteSpy

Change how you kitesurf

Are you tired of missing out on kiting sessions? You no longer have to rely on imprecise wind forecast.

Check Spots

Check kitesurfing conditions at your favourite spot and find out if the wind is good from other kitesurfers. (KiteSpy is currently focused on Tarifa kitesurfing spots but will expand shortly)


Each spot has its chat room where all users can ask questions and talk about kiting! If you want to find out anything about a spot, just ask in the chat room!


Enable notifications and get notified about new wind reports! Other kiters at the beach are the best wind forecast!. Never miss a session.


Report conditions so other kiters know what's it like at the spot. When you report you gain KiteSpy levels! Be the first to reach the top level!

02. Why KiteSpy

Our Mission & Vision

We have set out to fix a problem all Kitesurfers face. Because we love what we do.

Our mission is to help fellow kiters kite more.

Too many time we have been disappointed by going to a spot following our favourite wind forecast. Too many times we have sat at a spot waiting for wind to come just to find out that there was good wind at other nearby spot. Too many time we have missed out at what we love to do. That is how KiteSpy was created. This is what KiteSpy will fix.

Our vision is to be the one stop shop kitesurfing app.

Imagine going for a kiting trip to a new place and being able to easily connect with local kitesurfing community. Imagine you could do that wherever you go, anywhere in the world. Imagine to always be able to be at the best spot, where conditions are the best. Even in unknown place. This is what we aim to create.

03. See the App

See KiteSpy in action

Watch a short video showing app features.

04. Social

Connect with KiteSpy

KiteSpy app profile page showing levels

05. KiteSpy Levels

Use KiteSpy and have fun

Your KiteSpy level is based on number of reports you make. The levels correspond to kitesurfing skills or tricks. They are there to make it a little bit more fun for everyone!
What level are you at?

The Levels

  1. Beginner Spy
  2. Body Dragger Spy
  3. Riding Spy
  4. Jumping Spy
  5. Raley Spy
  6. Sbend Spy
  7. Unhooked Spy
  8. Kungfu Spy
  9. Tantrum Spy
  10. HP Spy
  11. KGB Spy
  12. Megaloop Spy
  13. F16 Spy

07. Partners

Work with us

We are open to working with you. Reach out to us.

08. Contact us

Answers to your questions

Connect with us on social media or email us.
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